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Dear M,

Did you, my dearest M, think I’d skip you in my Unsent Letter collection? Let the heavens open up, pouring globs of mud if I did not compose a letter to someone bearing your name, the special someone that inspired me to thrive as I was meant to live.

Living authentically is an affirmation that needs to proliferate throughout humanity. I embrace my identity by living authentically as I was meant to on this planet, and I thank you for allowing me into your life.

I observe wisdom behind those eyes from which you view the world. You are one of Gaia’s daughters, and the stories of your life are shown in the veins and knurled knuckles held together by muscle and tendons in your hands. I admire you, the frontier woman who lives in the woods at the lake. You’re the most engaging, tenacious woman I’ve ever met. I love our hours-long conversations and how they make me feel like a woman, taking a stand against Voltaire’s bastards of humanity.

I want to thank you for the emotional support you’ve demonstrated to me as we’ve made a bonding connection between our likened minds and spirits. Part of what brought me to the lake, as I’ve come to realize recently, is that we were both destined to arrive at the lake for lessons conducted in Gaia’s classroom in the woods. I’m inspired by your life as a woman standing her ground on moral and feministic philosophies with insightful passion.

If there’s another reason for what kept me at the lake, it’s you, my dearest friend. I can’t imagine a life without you in it. An old friend of mine from the 60s used to say, “Live long and prosper.” 🖖 💜

Kendra, out.