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Peeves, Tainted News, & Kendra’s Spoiled

Superfluous chatting devoid of depth and substance, for example, the weather, doesn’t impress me, mainly if it includes regurgitation of bullshit topics as if it’s presented as new talking points.

This indicates that the person I’m conversing with is either basically shallow, too preoccupied with themselves to engage in meaningful dialogues, or possesses a narcissistic personality.

Several months ago, I ceased reading the news, yielding to scanning the headlines on Goggle’s news feed to take the pulse of current affairs. That didn’t last either, so I’ve dropped out entirely from seeking news.

Interior facts

I’ll hear via word of mouth if some event requires my attention to peruse the pertinent story; otherwise, I’m tuned out from the hype and misinformation that comprises news media.

My favorite OPI nail products are a more important news 

Item to follow than conflicting reports of where and when to wear masks and for whom it matters. I already know humanity sucks; I don’t need to read about it through the dubious POV of big media. The toilet seems like the appropriate receptacle for news.

A question that I am asked occasionally is why am I so harsh on news media. News is peddled from behind the veil of sensationalism, clickbait, and outrageous exaggerations of what really transpired. Truth and factual information are hard-to-find commodities.

I’m spoiled, high maintenance, and admittedly—but not apologetically—privileged in delimited ways (read: a senoir on fixed income). 

I continue to live my life as spoiled because that’s how I was raised as an only child. During some of my darkest years, I managed to find ways to spoil myself, like indulging in a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter with five chocolate chips scattered on top or watching the chipmunks and squirrels scurry around the woods.

Crainium Flatus

During good years a bottle of cabernet, a block of smoked gouda cheese, and a plate of prosciutto made my evening, especially if shared with my cabin fairy friends.

I enjoy being wined and dined, pampering myself, and doing what it takes to maintain my standard of health, beauty, and fashion.

Practicing retail therapy is more than a hobby; it’s a passion and a necessity for my mental wellbeing. Retired, I stretch pennies until they can no longer scream, “Bloody murder.” I discover ways to do more with less, which satisfies my high-maintenance lifestyle.

I am privileged in some aspects to that which my limited resources can provide. Living with a sense of privilege is relative to that of another. I don’t breathe the same air as Laverne Cox or CN Lester, but I take advantage of my resources to thrive in life with a few privileges to make it worth the effort. I am grateful for what I have and appreciate how I arrived here. Gratefulness and humility temper my soul, despite what happens on Lucifer.

Kendra, out. ❤️