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Dear G,

This lake that I call home inspires my imagination. After two years since arriving, I’m finally committed to transforming the cabin into my home by unpacking and settling in, like the fairies do when they move about their hamlets in the woods.

Feeling groovy is a frequent emotion I experience when my senses of sight, sound, and smell envelopes my aloneness in the woods at the lake. I brought myself here to write the next chapter in my life’s journey. 

Gaia teaches the forest fairies to thrive in harmony while Her seasonal metamorphosis brings decay, rejuvenation, and rebirth. I relate to critters in the woods as I cocoon for my transition into the butterfly I am destined to become.

When my instincts capitulate to the forest murmurs, my existence is neither here nor there. I can neither hear nor see Gaia if my mind is overwhelmed by the machinations of the general population. I call the lake home for this reason.

I am free to roam wherever I want to in my mind, I temper my loneliness with my aloneness, yet the melodic murmurs of the woods make my heart pine for another soul to caress mine.

That is my beckoning call as I take a maiden flight to soar with the fairies, blanketing the lake with fairy dust. 🧚‍♀️

When I think about you, one word is always there to greet my thoughts—love. You embolden those around you with your compassion and sincerity. You rock my world! ❤️ 💋 🍷

Kendra, out.