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Emotional week ahead. September is an annual hardship for me. Things like anniversary passing of parents, dogs Mugs and Janis, and it’s my birth month.


Submitted my request for a refill.


I’m patient for a day or two, then the broom comes out of the closet.


Sent a reminder for a refill. Last patch goes on tonight. 


A woman off her hormones is not a pretty sight. Waiting for a refill, I recall Laverne Cox’s scene in Orange Is the New Black when she’s denied her full dose of estrogen. That’s batshit crazy.

It’s a good thing that I live in the woods where everything is too far away.


It took a call to the clinic to stimulate some proactive behavior in the staff. We’ll see. I’ve been training myself to manage my expectations of people.

Whole chicken legs went into the oven an hour ago, around 6:30AM. From my studio in the lodge, I can smell the flavors of Real Salt, ground pepper, and bacon emanating from the kitchen. Good eats are happening in the woods at the lake.

Received a message from the pharmacy that my prescriptions are ready for pickup, which I will on Tuesday. ❤️


Low noise floor, calmness, feeling collected, poised for brain stimulation and other nerdy pursuits. New nail colors and a curing device await me for Sunday as I primp for a girl-time gathering at K’s cabin. Going with G ❤️.


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