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Society's Offerings, Hacking My Attitude, & Country Lady

Society owes me nothing, and I don’t have expectations that it will.

I don’t play the victim card unless warranted, like being harassed by goofy-looking people with diversity issues. I walk my talk and talk my walk.

Six decades on this planet observing and experiencing humanity as an active participant has calloused and tempered my resolve and resilience in the path of oppressive situations. Name-calling and other forms of verbose behavior are signs of a compromised psyche, a weakness resulting from an individual’s inability to feel confident within their skin.

Most insulting behavior towards me or derogatory remarks hurled my way are initiated by males who feel their masculinity is threatened. This varietal of human males possesses a fragile entanglement of emotions. Unfortunately, the male mind, which I cite, responds with aggressive behavior. I believe a survey through recorded history will illuminate that wars and genocide are typical behaviors of human males, an assertion that should be obvious. Ruffled feathers? Oh my, get over it, honey pie.

Hacking My Attitude

I will not pass this way again because that moment resides in the past, and my momentum carries me forward into the present.



I don’t follow my dreams; I achieve them.


Looking For My Tribe

I spend my moments in life alone because that’s the way it is. I desire someone to cherish and love, but those moments do not exist, and there’s no need for me to obsess between the void while I’m looking for my tribe 💋👠❤️.


Zero To Bitch In 1 nano-sec

I’m pretty capable of transforming from a docile, sweet lady to a conniving bitch. I can do that convincingly and quickly with extreme prejudice. There are times that I require no justifiable reason, which is why I keep my twin-turbo broom under lock and key.



When I observe the reflection in the floor mirror, the physique I’ve been sculpting for several years, these words come to mind:

Militant, cavalier, dark, determined, vengeful, persistent, unwavering, commanding, generous, appreciative, grateful, stubborn, cautiously optimistic, serial, adaptive, intelligent, resolve, technical inclinations, creative, destructive, contrivance, ambivalent, minimalistic, cunning, conniving, provocative, assertive.

amica mea

During softer times, like when I do not have to conduct business with modern-day Neanderthals, I’m a rather chummy country lady, apparently.

I’m in love with life. The way we each live our lives is a testament to our level of humanity.

I don’t fault myself for any profoundly personal feelings that swirl around in my head.

I giggle when chipmunks visit me, I feel the embrace of Gaia when a deer family beds down in my yard, and I blush with innocence when someone special occupies my daydreams. I don’t apologize for my feelings, for why should anyone say they’re sorry for the way they feel about something? I’m human, I make mistakes, but I try to better myself each day.

Darkness isn’t a friend of mine, so why does it hang around my life? When I met you, my days began to smile. My mind wants to shout out to the moon while my heart yearns for human connections. I’m in panic mode during these times. I try to rise each morning with purpose. My first steps away from my bed are with intent. And it is there where my day begins with wonder, what could be, and how it could all unfold. If I am singing, it’s because of you.

Kendra, out.


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