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Governing entities that operate in absentia don’t impress me much. Why? Because they claim elsewhere their home and rule over their constituents with a detachment that serves disingenuous intent, walking among them when convenience is a prerequisite for effort. I’m grateful to have been raised to question authority significantly when it compromises my value system.

I love the Netflix series Lucifer. The audacity excreted by the writers and showrunners of the DC Comics incantation devilishly entertains me, principally as I speculate how the non secular culture receives the show. Blasphemy is an intrinsic ingredient in most scenes, making me giddy as I paint my nails in hellish red hues.

The hilarity presented in the juxtaposition of Lucifer’s lovable, intoxicating personality against the backdrop of the vernacular portrayals of societal behavior offers validation that secularism advances in a rational, free society. Is the present incarnation of society rational? Holistically, no. Still, does it need religion to augment the government established to maintain order and civility? No, any dictatorship can effectively oppress its sheeple.  💋 👠

Kendra, out.