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Moonless Night At the Lake

The witching hour passed on a moonless night at the lake. I had finished preparing my nails for generous coats of lacquer and gloss. After several days of societal skirmishes, my nails insisted on rejuvenation. I picked up a bottle of Hot Pink Lava, triggering a response from a clump of brain cells that curated memories of Judith.

Thoughts of you cross my days, weaving a storyline that makes me blush for you, totally decked out in tall boots and a long dress and incredibly flaming red nails with sparkles on the thumbnails. Your red hair was colored like red licorice ropes, while your turquoise eyes were framed with the most subtle of mascara gradients as if it were airbrushed on.

You traverse my mind during these times. I lost track of you in 1983 after I had moved to Oregon to free Kendra. The three of us loved each other. I’ve tried locating you. Short of hiring a private investigator, I really dug deep to find you. I get the same disappointing outcomes, but I continue to feel your presence.

Have you gone to the other side Judith and your death eludes me?

Is that you when I’m gliding across the floor, feeling your gaze upon my cadence and slow hip-swinging strides. Judith, you mentored me in becoming a witchy woman. Is that you making the candle flames dance when the lake sleeps?

Where ever you are, I hope you’re grooving on every issue of Heavy Metal. Maybe, I need to watch the movie tonight, if it’s not too cold. I remember watching your breasts heave and relax when the woman warrior flew into battle to save her kind. “Damn, Kendra, that’s what being a woman is all about, right there.”

Dolor Amet

I want you at my side when they turn me, holding my hand, keeping my demons chained up, taking me through the window for a flight around downtown.

Scratch my back with your fiery red nails leaving their mark.

You brought me into the fold, and I will forever be thankful to you for mentoring me, shaping me into the witchy woman I am today. The forest fairies that visit me must have been summoned by you, for their presence is mighty and protective.

I’ve healed yet continue struggling to grasp the nature of humanity. Why does the tension between my shoulder blades tell me that you’ve passed the torch to me? You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. When I watch Alex and Piper, I feel as if I was back with you in 1980.

Do you travel with the deer families, Judith? I thought I saw you the other morning. Indeed, I live in a fairy cabin in the woods at the lake.

I might be crazy about wanting to move into the city, but it completes a 60-plus year journey of mine, only to begin another odyssey that will last decades. The wood fairies will come with, for my home is their home.

When I paint my nails, we will giggle like back in the day. When you are in flight, fly wildly, my dearest; take it all in as you deserve. Show me sometime what you see. That hint of fragrance is Nina Ricci. What can I say, I’m high maintenance, and you taught me well. Soar high, Judith.

Kendra, out.


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