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When you come out, you quickly discover who your true friends are. The remaining ones are the first cut; of those, the list will continue to disperse into the aether. By the time you see the end of the list, you may have found a new tribe of community—hopefully.

“You’re dead to me” is a phrase I’m familiar with. Perhaps, in my youth, this type of remark would fuel unsavory behavior, but being in my sixties, such a comment has a next-to-none effect on my joy. Older, wiser, and thicker skin gives me a protective layer against derogatory situations involving societal skirmishes. Besides, I don’t have the time during my thriving life’s schedule for interactions with imbecilic miscreants.

Let the past trickle away, circling the drain to oblivion. That works for me because my life has been engaged in one enormous change. If there’s any constant in my life, it is the earnest work of transformation. As I see them, allowing things, thoughts, and possessions that no longer serve a purpose or generate momentum are castaways. It’s a sad day when they include friends and family.

There’s no joy in being the focal point when the contents of your immediate world diminish—methodically, ruthlessly, and without remorse. The truth and loyalty that permeates unconditional friendship is a rarity. When such a person comes into your life, nurture her with unconditional love, but not at the expense of compromising your authentic self. Allow no one to take that away from you.

My mother taught me when she was raising me that there are only two people on the planet that I could truly count on for help, her and myself. My beloved mentor and mother crossed to the other side in 2017, making me the remaining person I can depend on for unconditional support and love.

The constructs of aloneness and loneliness are often used interchangeably. My aloneness is intrinsic to my psyche—the way I’m wired—yet I’ve no intention of forever experiencing loneliness in my life.

My special someone is out there, and I will find her. 💋 👠

Kendra, out.


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