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The Knighting

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Augustus Oregon, Fairies, Fictive Dreaming

Ancient trees stand tall like stoic guards defending the tomb of an Unknown Warrior. Blue moonlight, diffused under the protective canopy of the woodland giants, illuminated the amphitheater.

Birds, gentle little ones that sing morning duets and those with unmerciful talons for prey; furry creatures, ones that scurry on little feet and those with remorseless canines; all fixed their gaze from a branch, rock, and forest floor onto the center stage. The stillness of air and foliage, the utter immobility of witnesses, fairies or not, brought the eerie sounds of forest murmurs to all captive ears.

A maternal, commanding voice, tempered with confidence and compassion, gently broke the sanctity of silence and captured the hearts and minds of all witnesses, fairies or not.

“Tonight under the auspiciousness of this blue moon, we gather—with our hearts filled with honor and pride and our minds filled with clarity and purpose—to honor one of our own. Ashley Beckett, daughter of Katherine Beckett, please step forward and kneel before me. By the powers granted to me as your Queen, your unwavering loyalty and gallantry, your impenetrable courage and resolve, and your unquestionable faith and call to duty, I proudly bestow upon you all privileges and rank according to a Knight in this Kingdom. Dame Ashley Beckett, rise before me and take this sword and defend with it the Kingdom Of Fairies with your life and soul. May gods bless and guide you, Dame.”

Mothers of all daughters wept with joy. The sisterhood of all fairies equally yielded to throats tightened with immense pride. A profound sense of the call to duty united these women; for them, there was no other way of life.

The birds and furry creatures, loyal subjects of the forest, held these particular fairies in the highest regard with word traveling throughout the animal kingdom of what they bore witness to under this blue moon: The knighting of Dame Ashley Beckett, honored warrior of Queen Augustus and kindred spirit of the forest denizens.

—Excerpt by Kendra Harrison


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