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I make an effort to observe humanity from a position of cautious optimism, but I’ve been struggling to see things that way.

Cynicism, pessimism, and dysphoria have infected my better senses. I yield to their power without hesitation because I feel the pain. Pain gets old, it wears me down, it obfuscates the way out. I’m slipping over myself, falling down, and I don’t want to get up. But I need to get my tush off the floor.

Hate comes in many forms, yet all conditions are intrinsically dangerous, often igniting violence, including the loss of life. How much is a human life worth? Is that what humanity is now, a commodity? Life is extinguished for pennies on the US dollar.

Ignorance breeds contempt of diversity, fear incites conflict, and the mind responds with rage, escalating to hatred because that’s the easy way out from understanding the differentiation inherent among humans. I don’t consider myself a misanthropist; however, my perception of humanity is acutely depressed. I pity us.

The Age of Transgender People

I was daydreaming in-between thoughts, assembling dream fragments from the previous night’s sleep. Where details were sketchy, I resorted to literary privilege by manipulating reality to end a means. I took a page from the SWAG playbook, a Simple Wild Ass Guess, yet it delivers a point I wish to make.


I was writing Python code to run on a Raspberry Pi, setting breakpoints to track down an elusive bug.

Buggy code, a headache, and a pissy neighbor who doesn’t appreciate my lifestyle scuttled my coding mojo. I paced the cabin, including 52 stair steps, racking up about four thousand steps in total. Coming inside from cooling off on the deck, I was no longer alone. A petite alien was sitting at my workstation examining my code. I wasn’t freaked out because I grew up with science fiction, both in books and over-the-air TV transmissions.

Unlike aliens portrayed in books, TV, and film, this alien appeared almost human-looking, despite their more enormous almond-shaped eyes and hairless features. I smiled with enthusiasm, offering my hospitality like I would to any guest that graces my humble cabin in the woods at the lake. I heard words and thoughts form inside my mind.

“The gender of our species is ambiguous at inception. We transform into a specific gender to align our physical form to an intrinsic identity to an individual’s physiological schema. We no longer copulate for reproductive needs. All processes necessary to achieve reproduction are accomplished in situ via maturation chambers. Our species have transformed beyond the constructs of sex differentiation. Our species is transgender. We transition to satisfy the gender identity we have imprinted to; we are fluid in that respect. Our ancestors employed primitive medical procedures to chemically and physically change an individual’s biological gender assignment. It was the dawn of a new era, the Age of Transgenderism.”

I wasn’t surprised being sought out by aliens, as I knew they’d honor a promise they had made to my Japanese ancestors a millennia ago. Their species had evolved from humankind, validating they were from a distant future. I remained calm and collected upon discovering this revelation. But I was impressed to learn the beautiful alien next to me had taken a female gender. She called herself Ashley, the name of my deceased partner. Really, I was okay with everything that was transpiring before me, and it all made sense, perfect sense.

Ashley sent more thoughts into my head. “By 2150, transgender people on earth excelled in all aspects of science, medicine, and politics. Transgender people occupied top positions in commerce, government, and international relations. Anticipating impending backlash from consortiums of cisgender people who felt threatened by the rise of transgender people, global commissions reporting to the UN were established to address the concerns of cisgender people.”

I enjoyed the history lesson from the future, but I choked on what had followed.

Cranium Flatus

The View From Space

This planet is dying. The inhabitants are ruthlessly pillaging the planet’s resources.

The dominant members of the species are responsible but take no blame for their actions. The gender of their species appears to be binary; however, a minute percentage have undergone gender transition and reassignment procedures. These individuals refer to themselves as transgender people. They are widely persecuted, discriminated against, and ridiculed for manipulating their gender identity.

Nevertheless, they demonstrate fortitude and intelligence in transitioning their biological genders. Transgender people are evolving, increasing in numbers, elevating the human species to a higher level of consciousness and universal awareness. It is the recommendation of this committee to spare the lives of transgender people and their constituent supporters. They will inherit the planet and restore its health. We will assist them in their new endeavor.


Yep, that one stuck in my throat.

Kendra, out.


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