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Part Three

The Letter 

Ritum Recordationis et Manifestationis

(Ritual of Remembrance and Manifestation)

“Kendra, my dear…

On that propitious occasion we met at Erik’s, I spied upon your demeanor as you walked in like you owned the joint. My little sweetness of mischievous strength and character, the sisterhood predicted our paths would cross.”

“You glided in through the front doors attracting eyes to your elegant sashay. I fell in love with you while you rummaged around in your purse, trying to find money to pay for lunch. You were a bit of a tart in tight black jeans, red cami, and pink heels, looking so damn cute. Your head came up to the girls, which excited my hedonistic ways. It perplexed me how you got into those jeans, so I assumed it was accomplished by magic. However, little did I know of the extent of your skillsets.

I’m so proud to have experienced the woman warrior in you during our five years together. I’m sorry I can’t be there in my mortal flesh to hold and caress you through the decades to come. We both knew this day would eventually arrive, but alas, here we are, for we lose our terrestrial form when it’s time to turn.

The sisterhood is your family to care for now, and there’s much work for you to focus upon. You will need to lead them. You’ll quickly find a confidant in Audrey, as I did. She’ll accompany you deep into the mountains for the ancient rite of ascension performed by the Sisters of Hawkspur. I know that you’ll lead with honor, loyalty, and compassion. This is your destiny to follow, my love.

There’s a darkness coming to these hills above Santa Cruz. Lead our sisters north to seek out a welcoming clan. The Pacific Northwest is populated by the Thirteen Tribes of the Kingdom of Fae.

I know your exploits will be legendary, my little one, and the fae are fortunate to have you among their ranks, but I need to caution you as your journey unfolds. You’ll make discoveries that appear implausible or defy our understanding of the natural order of things. Recognize the signs of my presence, and I will be there when you need me.

Forever yours, I shall love you beyond eternity. Our paths will cross again, little one, fly high and mighty. I will be watching from the other side.”




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