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Hey, There!
I’m Kendra.

I live in the woods at the lake. I ponder between remaining in the backyard of Gaia or returning to city life. The vacillation taunts me when the lake teases its grip on me.

I no longer toil on the floors of data centers. That life is over, and I’m surviving my third winter on the Eastern slopes of the NW coast range. I enjoy drinking whiskey with the girls and doing my nails while watching Lucifer. I also talk to my boots because they have stories to tell.

This is me trying to leave my footprints behind.

I’m older, wiser, and yet still a hippie at heart after a brilliant career in information technology. I seek pleasure, not discomfort, and my bohemian and hedonist values define My Tao in life.

Fusing June Cleaver, Joan Jett, Victoria Barkley with Kathryn Janeway is a fabulous, imaginative vision of presenting myself to the world. “Welcome home, dearest. Kick off your heels, freshen up while I fix us a highball, then come join me for a bit of drama in the kitchen.” Yes, I’m charming, intelligent, resourceful, vain, and captain of my starship.

Kendra In the City is my Starship Log. Have a leisurely read and come along for a few away missions.

Kendra, out.

June 2021
Portland, Oregon


Age with grace, dignity, and intelligence
Thrive with gusto, variety, and spice
Advocate not agitate
Keep the happy light on
Eat, drink, and be merry
Practice my ikigai
Create and share wabi-sabi
Absolve my sins, regrets, and failings
Go forward, not straight
Be proud of who and what I am
Leave footprints of my existence

👁 ❤️ 🧚‍♀️