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Leaving Footprints Behind

Chronicling the Machinations of Existence

Morning Coffee Ritual

Coffee is an essential companion to writing in my Morning Coffee Diary. Mostly for my eyes only, it bares mentioning the curiously jocular ones. Here’s a handful of my favorites.

Week #39

Can coffee influence the amount of patience I’m willing to invest?


I see fairies. They live in the woods at the lake like I do. Yes, I’m a cabin fairy! TBC…

Society, Hacks, & Country Lady

Society, Hacks, & Country Lady

💋Society owes me nothing, and I don’t have expectations that it will.I don’t play the victim card unless warranted, like being harassed by goofy-looking people with diversity issues. I walk my talk and talk my walk. Six decades on this planet observing and...

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Kendra's Field Guide

A curated compilation of sights, sounds, and prose inspired by the woods at the lake.

In Situ At the Lake

My attempt to relocate to downtown Portland failed, miserably without remorse.

Changing Of the Guard

Mother Nature teases me, signaling fall’s approach.

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